Your plants are not pretty! In fact they are ugly!
And they don’t even give any food!
We all think you are crazy (and a little bit lazy),
But of course, we don’t mean to be rude.
But you can’t eat flowers, dude!

It’s reckless, right? Irresponsible!
Waste of space, and time, and air
Oh come, let her have that worthless spot -
We mostly just throw our garbage there
I mean I don’t really even like care

Flowers! We don’t need any flowers!
We gotta fight to survive, and that’s the main issue.
Flowers! We don’t need any flowers!
Flowers just won’t do! And your garden too!
We’d all starve to death if we thought like you!

If you take a risk it can go very wrong!
Do what works, don’t make a fuss
But this isn’t working! There could be something more!
“There could be something more” - that’s enough!
This is as good as it can get for us!
It’s not that we want to spoil your fun
But you need to face reality
We’d all love to live in some wonderful place
But that’s just not how it is Chickadee
(How it is or how it ever will be!)


from Blink's Garden, released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Blink's Garden Winnipeg, Manitoba

The music for Blink's Garden was a collaborative effort involving Winnipeg musicians The Janzen Boys, Murray Pulver, Erin Propp, Alexa Dirks, William Prince, Paul Yee, Ryan Voth, Marc Arnould, Julian Bradford, Paul James, and Addison Sandy.

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