Blink's Garden

by The Janzen Boys (and friends)

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Michael F Labun Sweet songs, excellent message. And the entire script is on the album so you get the whole story. Favorite track: Just Don't Forget About That.
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Blink’s Garden began as a short parable, told in schools by Siloam Mission’s community educator John Janzen, about “seeing beauty where others can’t see.” It grew into a 77 stanza “epic kid’s poem” that was adapted into a stage play. Through cooperation with community groups like the Louis Riel School Division and Aboriginal Youth Opportunities, the play was performed at the Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals, as well as in countless schools all over Manitoba.

Now Siloam Mission, in cooperation with Just TV and the Broadway Neighborhood Centre, presents the story along with songs and illustration for young learners everywhere. Listen and sing along to the story of Blink and Moeh and their quest to find a way to get past the wall - and see what it means when we say “things starts to change when you connect your life with someone who is not like you.”


released November 1, 2016

Music Producer: Murray Pulver
Audio/Mix Engineer: Paul James and Paul Yee
Book & CD Layout: Addison Sandy
Project Management: Laura Johnson

Drums - Ryan Voth, Bass - Paul Yee, Guitars - Murray Pulver
Upright Bass - Julian Bradford, Keyboards - Marc Arnould

Recorded at Stereobus Studio, Signpost Studio and Just TV

Voice Actors/Vocalists
Blink - Erin Propp
Moeh - Alexa Dirks
Old Man - William Prince
Narrator - John Janzen

Murray Pulver, Addison Sandy, Simon Janzen, Mick Janzen,
Aaron Peterson, Mike Beauregard, Erin Propp, Alexa Dirks, Paul James

Mike Duerksen, Judi Heppner, Belinda Derksen, Diana Ishigaki,
Aaron Peterson, Sean Hogan

Special Thanks to:
Garry Corbett
Mike Beauregard
Floyd Perras
Lindsay Poggemiller Smith
Aaron Peterson

This project wouldn’t have happened without you.



all rights reserved


Blink's Garden Winnipeg, Manitoba

The music for Blink's Garden was a collaborative effort involving Winnipeg musicians The Janzen Boys, Murray Pulver, Erin Propp, Alexa Dirks, William Prince, Paul Yee, Ryan Voth, Marc Arnould, Julian Bradford, Paul James, and Addison Sandy.

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Track Name: Just Don't Forget About That
A barren land, dirt and tumbleweed
A dusty sky, no shades of green
Just working every day
But by the wall, next to a wooden fence
You’ll hear a song, you might see a dance
Because they’re trying to find a better way
A new ability to see what no one seems to see

There’s a sunshine that you need to find In everyone you’re looking at
The light that’s in you - it’s in them too Just don’t forget about that

Self-assured, strong, and cynical
The safest life, but oh so dull
We stay a million miles apart
The Other Path, the logic of the wise
That all those teardrops in your eyes
Can make a rainbow in your heart
And a new ability to break “us and them” down to “you and me”
Track Name: Flowers
Your plants are not pretty! In fact they are ugly!
And they don’t even give any food!
We all think you are crazy (and a little bit lazy),
But of course, we don’t mean to be rude.
But you can’t eat flowers, dude!

It’s reckless, right? Irresponsible!
Waste of space, and time, and air
Oh come, let her have that worthless spot -
We mostly just throw our garbage there
I mean I don’t really even like care

Flowers! We don’t need any flowers!
We gotta fight to survive, and that’s the main issue.
Flowers! We don’t need any flowers!
Flowers just won’t do! And your garden too!
We’d all starve to death if we thought like you!

If you take a risk it can go very wrong!
Do what works, don’t make a fuss
But this isn’t working! There could be something more!
“There could be something more” - that’s enough!
This is as good as it can get for us!
It’s not that we want to spoil your fun
But you need to face reality
We’d all love to live in some wonderful place
But that’s just not how it is Chickadee
(How it is or how it ever will be!)
Track Name: Come Run Away
See what I see, look where I’m going
The road ahead, not easy knowing
Just where the road is headed, to a place that we cannot see
But if you want to, come run away with me

We tried to change it, tried to affect it
But now we know, we’ve got to reject it!
We want it different now, like fugitive hippies
We’ll go our own way, come run away with me

We’ll find a way to live our freedom
Because we’re not ready to stop the dreaming
Of faith, hope, love, and possibility
We’ll go together, come run away with me
Track Name: You Just Gotta Believe
Remember when our dreams all crumbled into dust
There was barely moisture for tears back then
When planted seeds wouldn’t grow up from the ground
Well, I think those days are at an end

You’ve just got to believe with me now
We were looking for hope, it’s found
Because tonight there’s a river bubbling up from the ground

You made something beautiful, you helped it to grow
When all they could see here was weeds
And I can’t exactly see where all this will go
But I know this:
There’s a whole lot of power in these seeds
Track Name: Alright, Ok
I gave it all for a treasure where there’s only dirt
I believed it all, but what I found just wasn’t worth the search at all

It’s gonna be alright, gonna be alright you say
It’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be okay

I know it’s immense, but there’s got to be some way past this wall
No, it makes no sense to keep hanging on with no reason to at all

It’s gonna be alright, gonna be alright you say
It’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be okay

It seems to be you get to rest in love, rest in love for free
Track Name: Power
I’ve understood it perfectly
Since I was just a little tyke
If you can find a way to get to the top
No one can make you do the things that you don’t like!
And having power means you’re always right!

Of course if you’re wrong or different or weak
You might just end up in a cage
Perhaps you’ll think that’s a little unfair?
But that’s price that I’m willing to pay
You’ll be fine if you do it my way

Power, what you need is power
We gotta fight to survive, and to get more stuff
Power, what we need is power
Because you gotta be tough, for some life is rough
We can’t all be kings when there’s not enough

There’s nothing more reliable
Than the power found in my sword
That’s not to say that I’ve been looking very hard
Because power is its own reward
And it’s wonderful to be adored

I’ll admit sometimes it seems their love
Comes only from their fear of me
But that’s the way it has always been
I can’t imagine how else it could be!
I mean, we need to face reality